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With Astro Awaz, users are able to talk to astrologers in-depth and receive personalized astrological advice. You can consult one of the astrologers at Astro Awaz if you have a specific question or if you wish to explore further the mysteries of the Astrology.





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Neeraj mharaj Online

   Vastu, Numerology...

 English, Hindi...

   41.00 / Min.

11-12 Years

Card image
Guru Vidit Online

   Vedic Astrology, Vas...

 Punjabi, Hindi...

   39.00 / Min.

15-16 Years

Card image
Tarun Giri Online

   Vedic Astrology, Num...

 Punjabi, Hindi...

   111.00 / Min.

7-8 Years

Card image
Acharya Devesh Devvik Online

   Vedic Astrology, Num...

 English, Hindi...

   52.00 / Min.

16-17 Years

Card image
Adesh Kumar Sharma Online

   Vedic Astrology, Vas...

 Hindi, English...

   50.00 / Min.

15-16 Years

Why Astro Awaz is a great choice for anyone looking to talk to an astrologer

But what sets Astro Awaz apart from other astrology platforms is our commitment to quality. We take great care in selecting our astrologers, only choosing those who have a proven track record of excellence and who have received positive reviews from satisfied clients. This means that when you talk to an astrologer on Astro Awaz, you can trust that you're getting the best astrological guidance available.

So why wait? If you're ready to talk to Astrologer and receive expert guidance on your future, personal growth, relationship, career, or any other topic, choose Astro Awaz's premium and experienced Astrologer. We Promise You to deliver the most qualified Astrologer and you won't be disappointed."

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