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Most Inauspicious Birth Time As Per Astrology For A Child

According to Vedic astrology, certain birth times are considered inauspicious for a child, and it is believed that children born during these times may face various challenges and obstacles in life. Here are some of the most inauspicious birth times:

  1. Sandhya Kaal: The time period immediately before sunrise and after sunset is known as Sandhya Kaal. It is considered inauspicious for a child to be born during this time, as it is believed to be associated with darkness and negativity.

  2. Bhadra: Bhadra is a period of time that occurs when the planet Mercury is in retrograde motion. It is believed to be an inauspicious time for any important event, including childbirth.

  3. Ashubh Lagna: Certain lagnas or ascendants are considered inauspicious for childbirth, such as the eighth, ninth, and twelfth lagnas.

  4. Eclipse: It is considered highly inauspicious for a child to be born during a solar or lunar eclipse, as it is believed to be associated with negative energies.

It is important to note that these beliefs are based on astrological beliefs and not scientific evidence, and many people born during these times lead happy and successful lives. It is always advisable to seek guidance and advice from qualified professionals in case you are facing challenges in life, and to approach astrology with a critical and open-minded perspective.

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