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Best Profession for You as Per the Auspicious Planet in Your Chart

Astrology is a vast and complex subject, and there are many different beliefs about how the planets can influence our lives. One such belief is that the auspicious planet in a person’s birth chart can indicate the best profession for them,

Here is a list of the nine planets in Vedic astrology, along with the professions that are said to be associated with each planet:

  • Sun: Government jobs, administrative positions, politics, leadership roles, law and justice

  • Moon: Hospitality, travel, tourism, psychology, healthcare

  • Mars: Military, police, sports, engineering, construction

  • Mercury: Writing, journalism, communication, publishing, education

  • Jupiter: Teaching, religion, philosophy, law, finance, banking

  • Venus: Art,
    fashion, beauty, music, entertainment, luxury goods

  • Saturn: Mining, real estate, manufacturing, agriculture, research

  • Rahu: Innovation, technology, engineering, research

  • Ketu: Spirituality, mysticism, healing, alternative therapies

It is important to note that these are just general predictions based on astrological beliefs and not scientific evidence. It is always advisable to seek guidance and advice from qualified professionals before making any career decisions.

Here are some additional tips that may help you choose the right career for you:

  • Consider your interests and skills. What are you passionate about? What are you good at?

  • Talk to people in different professions. Ask them about their work and what they like and dislike about it.

  • Shadow someone in a profession that interests you. This will give you a firsthand look at what the job entails.

  • Take career assessments. These assessments can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and match them to potential careers.

  • Do your research. Learn as much as you can about different careers before making a decision.

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